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“The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.” Mark Twain

I start our post today with a bad taste in my mouth. A taste of dissatisfaction…a taste of “I will never go back to that restaurant again, and I will be sure that all my friends know that it is … Continue reading

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“When you’re able to don the green jacket, it’s the highest privilege in golf.” Zach Johnson

What does it mean to be the best at what you do? We all live in a world where it is admirable to be “the best.” Standards lie in every industry, every school, every sport, and every country. The definition … Continue reading

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Ethel Mertz: There’s lots of things you’re good at. Lucy Ricardo: Like what? Ethel Mertz: Well, you’re awfully good at… uh… You’ve always been great at… Lucy Ricardo: Those are the same ones Ricky came up with.

The name ‘Lucy’ round these parts is a very special name…Well to start, 2 of us have Lucy’s near and dear to our hearts in the canine form. (see below) One a bit older and larger, the other a newer, … Continue reading

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