Prove This American Proverb Wrong: “Bad News Travels Fast.”

How fast does news travel? Apparently, as fast as twitter carries it….

Twitter, this monster of information out there that although is sometimes damaging to companies, individuals, relationships, and partnerships alike, can also be a useful resource for transferring media and news. We would all be cowards if we chose to ignore the fact that this singular forum for online messages is a powerful resource that we must embrace.

Although you will find many stories about how quickly news traveled across twitter about the recent split of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries after a mere 72 days, you will hear less on the speed that the news traveled up the east coast warning of the earthquake headed that way. People were prepared for this natural disaster unlike ever before, all because of twitter.

Within our industry, twitter is a strong tool to use when pushing last-minute promotions, driving traffic to websites, featuring product types, showing trends, and staying in front of customers on a more regular basis ( even if from behind a computer screen). A study found that almost 90% of distributors in our industry use twitter to increase their number of contacts. The simple concept of the “Follow Me” icon that twitter made famous is a sure call-to-action, but steps need to be taken after that to ensure you keep that contact. Committing to twitter requires that you engage with those contacts, give them relevant material to read, and answer to their questions or comments.

Just another sign of times-a-changin’. Just think how much you may have missed while reading this blog post!


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