In One’s Way: In a position to obstruct, hinder, or interfere with someone or something.

Someone told me yesterday that at times, we all get in our own way. After pondering this thought…how could I get in my own way?!?, I started to think about times when exactly this had happened. Sometimes, it is not a conscious thing, but rather a way of keeping ourselves in the comfort zone, while not realizing that what we really need is to get OUT of the comfort zone.

A recent example getting in one’s way: I emailed a new contact with the hopes of setting up a time to meet and introduce myself, and with the absolute understanding that I may never hear back. The response I got was: “Yes, I want to meet with you ASAP! I have been using the same promo company for years and am very dissatisfied with their services, but have not had the time or strength to look elsewhere.” If she had simply gotten out of her own way, and searched even just a little bit, she probably would have found Grand Ideas years ago.

Whether in your personal or professional life, I challenge you to get out of your own way. It may lead to a new sale, a new customer, a new idea, a new relationship, a new hobby, and the list goes on.


About Grand Ideas, Inc.

Grand Ideas, an advertising specialties biz, offers CREATIVE gifting ideas. With our Palmetto division, there isn't a mtg/event ANYWHERE we can't handle, WORD!
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