Picky, picky, picky!

The Southern Belle is a lady of contradictions. She’s as delicate as an azalea blossom and at the same time, tougher than kudzu. She’s moonlight and gunfire. Red dirt and red velvet. But there’s one thing she is all the time. She’s PICKY.

Take Scarlett O’Hara, who wouldn’t be caught dead without exactly the right outfit:

Or Eudora Welty, who spent her entire life searching for (and finding) exactly the right words:

“No blur of inexactness, no cloud of vagueness, is allowable in good writing; from the first seeing to the last putting down, there must be steady lucidity and uncompromise of purpose.”

Or the very picky Southern belles (and several “Rhett Butlers” now) at Grand Ideas Inc., who stop at absolutely nothing in order to bring you exactly the right creative promotional products and branding solutions. At Grand Ideas, we specialize in branded merchandise that fits your unique product like a perfect pair of dainty lace gloves.

And anybody who gets in our way had better watch out.


About Grand Ideas, Inc.

Grand Ideas, an advertising specialties biz, offers CREATIVE gifting ideas. With our Palmetto division, there isn't a mtg/event ANYWHERE we can't handle, WORD!
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1 Response to Picky, picky, picky!

  1. Rena Ashfeld says:

    LOVE IT! Cant wait to follow your blog 🙂
    -Rena Ashfeld/Winning Edge, Inc.

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