Just try and get “The Lick” out of your head. It’s difficult, to say the least.



Grand Ideas just loves jazz. The vibrant, improvisational music scene in Charleston mirrors our own enthusiastic approach to branding. Just like a seasoned combo, the Grand Ideas team specializes in contagious, catchy ideas that keep you tapping your toes.


That must be why we’re so fond of our client JAC (Jazz Artists of Charleston). We understand the way they think. And we applaud their mission as they strive to “bolster Charleston’s rich musical history and legacy…supporting a vibrant and creative jazz culture through concerts, special outreach events, and educational programs.” We couldn’t have said it better if we tried.




Right now, JAC is in the middle of their fifth annual spring Jazz Series, presenting two weeks’ worth of downtown concerts that feature local jazz artists. This year’s series, held at Figaro Hall, will continue until June 6th and includes performances by Faces for Radio, the Sterbank-Suárez combo, the Matuto Trio, Modus Bone, Gennaro’s Jazz Ensemble, Cameron and the C-Notes, and the Charleston Latin Jazz Collective. Tickets are still available here – but hurry!


 We’re proud to produce another round of promotional items for JAC this year – including cool magnets and an awesome poster. Check some of them out below – we’ve included a picture of last year’s magnet, too. As you can see, the designs keep changing, just like a great riff. We never play anything the same way twice.

Image ImageImage


About Grand Ideas, Inc.

Grand Ideas, an advertising specialties biz, offers CREATIVE gifting ideas. With our Palmetto division, there isn't a mtg/event ANYWHERE we can't handle, WORD!
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