Festive Foodstuffs!

‘Tis the season… to enjoy scrumptious food.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, featuring succulent stuffing, mashed potatoes swimming in gravy, and deep, rich slices of pumpkin and pecan pie. And while you’re still loosening your belt, Christmas will arrive, bringing plum pudding, peppermint hot chocolate, and stacks of crisp sugar cookies.

Nothing says seasonal cheer like a mouthwatering treat. And your clients feel the same way. As the temperature drops and appetites sharpen, your customers are getting hungry, too – and they’ll be likely to dance a jig of joy if you treat them to a tower of customized cookies or a promotional tin of cocoa.

Mugs, pens and mouse pads are great – but at certain times of the year, customers just yearn for something tastier.

They might appreciate this GRAND stack of cookies, popcorn, fudge, divinity, peanut brittle and nuts, impressively arranged in a beribboned tower big enough for a whole office….

…While cheese-loving clients can’t wait to sink their teeth into this combination of perfectly seasoned cheddars and beef summer sausage, complete with knife and branded chopping board….

…And coffee fiends will relish this pot-sized package of whole bean Colombian Supremo Arabica gourmet coffee.

Visit http://www.promoplace.com/grandideas/food.htm to see more GRAND, mouth-watering promotional treats, including deliciously spiral-sliced smoked hams and turkeys.

Happy holidays, and happy munching!


About Grand Ideas, Inc.

Grand Ideas, an advertising specialties biz, offers CREATIVE gifting ideas. With our Palmetto division, there isn't a mtg/event ANYWHERE we can't handle, WORD!
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