Spring is Here!

We have finally finished packaging a huge shipment! Around 7100 foldable Frisbee discs were recently stuffed to be shipped to six different energy cooperative organizations in the Midlands area. These serve as safe toys for children to play with and each have the name of their business as well as logo printed on the front. These different colored discs serve as great promotional gifts for any occasion. If you want to look at how you can receive these same discs for your own business go to our website at http://www.grandideas.net/. This is perfect for a corporate spring time outing or gifts for your employees or clients.

We have an enormous array of fun products perfect for the springtime that your company can enjoy. Here at Grand Ideas, we do a great job at taking your vision and turning it into a reality when it comes to creating promotional items for your corporation. As the weather begins to warm up, this reminds us that promotional items are a great way to endorse your company’s name. Whether it is a cooler, boater tote or even a koozie Grand Ideas can provide any item for your upcoming Spring event. Show your clients, employees and anyone else that your brand matters by sending them home with an item that they can use in the warm weather.


About Grand Ideas, Inc.

Grand Ideas, an advertising specialties biz, offers CREATIVE gifting ideas. With our Palmetto division, there isn't a mtg/event ANYWHERE we can't handle, WORD!
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