It’s time for one of the most beloved Christmas traditions of all – The Nutcracker Ballet. Since 1992, Tchaikovsky’s glorious music has transported audiences to a magical land of live toys, dancing snowflakes and dastardly mice – and of course, the Nutcracker Prince who’s at the heart of the story.

 This week, as you bustle through your last-minute shopping and gift wrapping, take a few minutes and listen to the sparkling Nutcracker Suite. (Better yet – treat yourself to an evening at the local ballet.) It’s sure to put you in a marvelous holiday mood.

 And, since it’s Nutcracker time, why not gift your clients with some of the season’s most festive promotional products: nuts? You could give them this elegant, embossed faux leather keepsake box, packed with Deluxe Mixed Nuts on one side and Chocolate Covered Almonds on the other…


Or, for truly die-hard almond lovers, this holly-jolly red snowflake box full of specialty almonds (Chocolate, Cinnamon Toffee and BBQ Smoked)…


Or even this charming die-cast replica of a vintage 1931 pickup truck, embossed with your logo and packed full of Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews!


Whatever nuts you choose for your clients this year, bite into some delicious holiday spirit and enjoy the season to the fullest!Image

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There’s No Place Like Home….

It’s almost Christmas – and it’s time to go home for the holidays.

 All over America, your clients are hopping on planes, packing for road trips and heading to see friendly faces in faraway places.

 “From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific.”

 So why not send those clients promotional products they can use – and appreciate – while they’re en route?

 You could send them a batch of these nifty branded luggage tags with a built-in, global lost-and-found retrieval service…


 …Or this 12-pack cooler bag, perfect for roadside refreshment…


 …Or this convenient travel toiletries kit, designed to meet TSA regulations and get you through airport security quickly.


 To see all our GRAND travel-themed promotional products, visit .

 And enjoy your holiday travels this year, too!

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The Christmas Countdown

Yes, it’s time to start dreaming about a white Christmas – and counting down the days until December 25th.

Time to start baking Christmas cookies and going caroling, time to start planning for family get-togethers – and, if you’ve put off working through that Christmas list, it’s definitely time to start shopping!

Some people are hard to shop for — so what about making your clients merry this year with a pile of branded stocking stuffers, Grand Ideas-style?

Make your snowbird clients smile with a “Tic Tac Towel” – complete with movable X’s and O’s for a round or two of friendly beachside competition…


Please and puzzle them with – what else? – a jigsaw puzzle version of their sign, logo or flyer…


Or send their brand image sailing sky-high with a soaring promotional kite. (Cheaper than skywriting, and almost as attention-grabbing!)


It’s time to get those sleighbells jingling. What are you waiting for?

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Animal Planet

There’s a reason why actors hate sharing the screen with cute animals.

Adorable little beasts are scene-stealers. Sometimes, you’d swear they know it.

(Lucee, the Grand Ideas mascot, certainly knows the irresistible power of a pet – and she’s got all of us wrapped around her pretty little paws.)

Sometimes, though, the cute factor can be good for more than warm fuzzies.

Why not put “pet power” to work in your promotional product strategy?

You could present your clients with this very friendly tiger, complete with a sporty branded bandana…

Or cheer them up with this Cheerleader Bear’s bright face and puffy pom-poms…

Or go slightly bananas and give them a Flying Shrieking Sock Monkey (complete with slingshot action).

There’s a whole zoo of cute possibilities here:

Happy hunting!


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The Thanksgiving Day Mash-Up

Thanksgiving is finally here! This week, the Grand Ideas team will be kicking back with family and friends, reveling in home-cooked Lowcountry delicacies, and, in between bites, pausing to count our blessings.

#1: We’re grateful for our GRAND family of clients.

From vineyards to magazine publishers, retail clothing outlets to resorts, you’ve become more than clients to us – you’re friends. We look forward to keeping you happy for a long time.

#2: We’re thankful to be in Charleston.

The scenic, historic heart of the South is a GRAND place to live and work. We’re so happy that our headquarters is smack-dab in the middle of this beauty spot.

#3: We’re also thankful for Lucee, our industrious mascot. We couldn’t handle it all without her!

What are you thankful for this year?


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Festive Foodstuffs!

‘Tis the season… to enjoy scrumptious food.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, featuring succulent stuffing, mashed potatoes swimming in gravy, and deep, rich slices of pumpkin and pecan pie. And while you’re still loosening your belt, Christmas will arrive, bringing plum pudding, peppermint hot chocolate, and stacks of crisp sugar cookies.

Nothing says seasonal cheer like a mouthwatering treat. And your clients feel the same way. As the temperature drops and appetites sharpen, your customers are getting hungry, too – and they’ll be likely to dance a jig of joy if you treat them to a tower of customized cookies or a promotional tin of cocoa.

Mugs, pens and mouse pads are great – but at certain times of the year, customers just yearn for something tastier.

They might appreciate this GRAND stack of cookies, popcorn, fudge, divinity, peanut brittle and nuts, impressively arranged in a beribboned tower big enough for a whole office….

…While cheese-loving clients can’t wait to sink their teeth into this combination of perfectly seasoned cheddars and beef summer sausage, complete with knife and branded chopping board….

…And coffee fiends will relish this pot-sized package of whole bean Colombian Supremo Arabica gourmet coffee.

Visit to see more GRAND, mouth-watering promotional treats, including deliciously spiral-sliced smoked hams and turkeys.

Happy holidays, and happy munching!

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Take a Second Look!

At first glance, this tower looks like a normal (if rather fancy) piece of architecture. But when you take a second look, you realize there’s something odd about the way those pillars and that waterfall are arranged. Is that zigzag channel going uphill or downhill? And how DOES that waterfall work, anyway?

The longer you stare at the image, the more puzzling it becomes!

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was the master of delightfully disorienting optical illusions like this one. Some of his other famous etchings include the elegant picture of birds slowly turning into fish, and the bizarre image of two hands drawing each other.

All Escher’s pictures bring you back for a second look, because there’s more to them than meets the eye.


Sometimes that’s true for promotional products, too!


For instance, this brightly-colored kitchen tool is more than a spatula – look closer, and you’ll discover it’s a four-in-one combo of a spoon, slotted spoon, serrated edge and turner. Grilling and cookouts just got 4x easier.

And this digital slide show/picture viewer isn’t just a great way to display your memories – a second look reveals a handy clock, calendar and digital thermometer function hidden in the frame.

And while these tasty-looking dark chocolates can easily stand on their own as delectable delicacies, a bite or two will show you their hidden secret: Each chocolate is specially crafted to pair with a particular flavor of wine (port, cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, syrah and zinfandel).

Look twice and find the hidden treasures in Grand Ideas’ promotional products. There are surprises everywhere you look!

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